05 August 2017 @ 05:07 pm
I am literally still not over Broadchurch just fyi. Slowly making my way through the fics on AO3.

I started a Stargate SG-1 rewatch. Currently somewhere in season 3. This show remains as great as ever.

The show is a very funny journey down late 90s hamfisted attempts at what a bunch of guys thought feminism looked like while still being so cluelessly unaware of all the ways in which they were not feminist at all. I'm so good natured about it only because it was 20 years ago and there's no point being anything other than amused at this point. I don't want to be angry at a thing I love for something that's done and over with. But damn, especially season 1.. haha. And I don't even mean just the gross stuff like Emancipation or Hathor but just weird stuff - Sam's characterization surprised me by being much more confusing in season 1 than I remember. She's her, yeah, but there's this weird other vein where she's being the psychologist of the group in several episodes for reasons I can only assume are due to her gender. Also in the episode Singularity (first one with Cassandra), Teal'c makes some comment about how Sam just knows that Cassandra would be fine due to "mother's instinct" like whaaaaaat can we not, Sam is the WORST at mothering, ahahaha.

Also if you want to read an interesting story from Amanda Tapping about just one of the things she overcame at the beginning of SG-1, read this. It's about clothing choices. The part I find interesting about the story is the casual sexism - the creators just wanted to see her in something sexy. Cause she's a woman, so duh? And she raised a concern with it and they were like ok whatever, because it wasn't like they were so super attached to push-up-bra Carter. But it's just the default that they and so many are accustomed to so of course they wanted her in sexy clothing because what else would she be in?! ~*~*~casual sexism~*~*~

But anyway. Season 2 starts getting infinitely better and season 3 is when the show really starts hitting its stride. I'm all strapped in for the ride cause it just gets better and better from here. :D