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Caffeinated Crossover: Outer Space

Title: Outer Space
Material: 600 words of fic and a gif
Fandoms: Stargate/Supernatural
Character(s) or Pairing: Charlie (from SPN), mention of Paul Davis and Sam Carter
Prompt: electrify (beaming up is electrifying, right? *gasp* spoiler), with a dash of Sinister Surveillance - neither of which really panned out. *shrugs*
Notes: Set immediately after episode 7x20 -"The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo", so spoilers for that episode.

Charlie settled into her seat on the bus and opened up her laptop. As she prepared to send off a quick message she thanked whatever corporate decision at Greyhound lead to wifi on board all their buses.

Like she told Sam and Dean, it wasn’t the first time Charlie had disappeared. Nor was it the first time she’d had strange things happen to her. She was once beamed up to a starship. Unbelievable as that sounds. What were monsters from purgatory compared to that?

She quickly typed out an email.


First of all, I am fine. Thanks for asking. Just a busted arm and it's already on the mend. I’m headed to back-up location 4 and will need new papers.

For the record, it’s not my fault.

To be fair, it wasn’t her fault that first time she'd needed a new identity either. She didn’t know she’d hacked into Stargate Command’s financials. She was going after high dollar government projects, siphoning small amounts of money off to non-profits and various liberal PAC’s. The same sort of thing she’d done for years.

She’d been chattering away on the IRC with a couple gals she’d roomed with at Comic Con. They were lamenting the cancelation of Wormhole eXtreme, which was years ago --- honestly she thought they’d be over it by now --- and Charlie was randomly scanning through congressional spending reports in another window. And by scanning, she meant running them through a complex algorithm she wrote designed to find money-lined pockets.

#sallysaves: TPTB robbed us, they promised closure for Danning/Monroe and we never got it
#marysue42: TBTB suck
#marysue42: bunch of old fart windbags
#sallysaves: yeah, wouldn’t know good characterization if it bit them on the ass
#janet_rx: Monroe was totally into the medic anyway
#sallysaves: LOL! you and your femslash
#sallysaves: did you read ob1grrl’s meta post on why Major Monroe is a lesbian?
#janet_rx: NO! linky?
#marysue42: just PM’d it to you
#ob1grrl: I think I found an untapped source
#sallysaves: @ob1grrl, are you still finding wasted gov’t funds?
#ob1grrl: this one looks huge! and international
#ob1grrl: *grabby hands*
#janet_rx: be careful

An hour later, Charlie was on board the Daedalus being questioned by some military officer. An hour after that, she was sitting beside a blonde woman looking at programming that literally took her breath away. Colonel Sam Carter, the blonde (who was WAY hotter than Major Monroe on the show, she wished she could tell #janet_rx) kind of knocked her socks off. Well, not literally, but she was just so amazing - and she seemed genuinely impressed by Charlie’s hacking skills - as anyone who had a clue should be. Also, there was a rumor she blew up a sun once. You just can’t make shit like that up!

So, as you can see, Charlie was no stranger to odd things happening. She did like to lay low these days, her agreement with the government over what she could and could not touch weighed on her mind a lot. She tried to keep a low profile, despite what her handler liked to think.

She was a bit surprised that Major Davis hadn’t called her yet, surely the events Dick Roman’s office have been reported by now? Unless they didn’t report it, those Leviathans not wanting the press.

She contemplated the email she’d been about to send and then thought of Sam and Dean who seemed to have no support in this fight whatsoever. Paul liked sticking his nose into things, so to the end of her email she added:

P.S. Are Leviathans from outer space, too?

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