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Let's have a LIMS round!

LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing and it's set of an elimination challenges. Examples of some LJ communities that ran LIMS challenges are:
[ profile] lantis_lims
[ profile] sg1_lims
[ profile] likethegun_lims

- Challenge 1 will begin on December 1st.
- Most challenges will have a set of approximately 8-10 screencaps to choose from (see links below for those of you who may like to get a head start). Your icon should be made from one of the provided screencaps. The exception will be any technical challenges (ie. negative space, text etc).
- Each challenge will last one week.
- We'll have as many challenges as it takes to eliminate all by one icon maker.

Categories & Screencaps:
Challenge 01: Outdoors
Challenge 02: Ladies
Challenge 03: Duos
Challenge 04: Guys
Challenge 05: Negative Space (free form - use any cap)
Challenge 06: Hugs & Kisses
Challenge 07: First Impressions
Challenge 08: Action
Challenge 09: Use Your Words (free form - use any cap)
Challenge 10: Sad
Challenge 11: Happy
Challenge 12: Confrontation

- You must be signed up to participate in the round. Sign up by participating in the first challenge.
- You may submit only one icon per challenge.
- Your icon must meet usual standards; 100x100, original work, etc.
- Please don't post your icon elsewhere until voting is done.
- No skips. If you don't enter a challenge, you'll be eliminated.
- Please vote! Please ask your friends to vote! Please do not ask your friends to vote for you.

If you'd like to provide screencaps for consideration in the challenges, please leave a comment with the category name, fandom name and a link to the cap. I will try to select a variety of caps from those submitted in each category. Remember, the higher-quality, the better.
Some of the later challenges could use some screencaps if you're still interested in volunteering some, although we may not get to those challenges depending on participation? IDK.

To sign up, simply participate in the first challenge and you're IN THE GAME! :D

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