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Challenge three voting

- You do not need to be a member of this community to vote. However, you must have a DW login or OpenId account to vote – anonymous votes will not be counted.
- You cannot vote for yourself.
- Choose your one (1) least favorite and your one (1) favorite. You are welcome to leave comments about icons you are not voting for (optional). If the iconmaker requests feedback, those comments will be provided to them (anon).
- Reasons for your votes is required. This post by obaona is a detailed resource on how to give good concrit.
- Icons are not required to fit the theme.
- You do not need to be participating in the current round to vote.
- If you have any questions or have any concerns, please feel free to PM me. Once again, format is modeled of LIMS challenges such as [ profile] sg1_lims & [ profile] likethegun_lims
- Voting ends Monday, December 31st at 10pm EST worldclock

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