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colls ([personal profile] colls) wrote in [community profile] caffeinatedmagic2013-01-12 10:44 pm
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Challenge four results

-# is number of least favorite votes
+# is number of favorite votes
N# is number of neutral comments

01 (+3)
02 (-3)
03 (-1, +1)
04 (-1, +1)

Congratulations to [personal profile] everythingshiny for having the most 'favorite' votes.
There are now 3 contestants. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to [profile] maharet83 :(

Please comment if you'd like the reasons/feedback on your icons and whether you'd like them screened/unscreened.

Question for the final three participants:
Do you want one more regular challenge in which an icon maker is eliminated and then a final showdown?
Or would you rather have a final showdown between the final three icon makers?
I'm happy to host whatever way you'd like. :)

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