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Lims: Challenge Five

Theme: Final Battle [negative space]

- Create an icon using negative space. Use any cap you'd like (can be from challenges here or any cap of your choice)
- You may submit only one icon for this challenge. If you want to change your entry, simply edit your comment (or delete and re-comment). Comments are screened.
- For details about this LIMS, please see the FAQ

Definition of negative space: Negative space is a compositional tool used in both two- and three-dimensional work. The simplest way to describe it is as: "space where other things are not present."

Examples of negative space:

[ profile] obaona | [ profile] xafirah | [ profile] snorkjuice

[personal profile] aryas_zehral [personal profile] cirque [personal profile] everythingshiny

Entries are due on Sunday, January 20th @ 10pm EST. A time zone converter if you need it.

Any questions? Feel free to ask in the question thread. :)