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All final icons had votes! It was very close. :)

Comments available (if you want them) for icons 1 & 3

Thank you to everyone who participated as an icon maker and voter. I hope you enjoyed this round.
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hmm that's a good point.

i'm fine if you hog the place!!! i was thinking of doing a 20in20 maybe sometime, but its not like other things can't be going on while that happens
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:D me neither. i've been considering making an actual 20in20 comm but i dunno. i already have theaviary & iconthat and effffffortttttt.

i wonder if i can convince someone else to do it.

YAY can't wait to see what you have.

you could do BOTH. 20in20 with tropes & both icons and writing.
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a magicalllllll 20in20.

:D hey i'm all for ANY challenges and comms that i get to participate in and not organise.

but yeah whatever you like
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