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Magical 20in20

Due to Team Enabler demands for moar things to do, I bring you.....

Traditional 20in20 challenges were all about making 20 icons in 20 days. But why should icons makers alone have all the fun?

Make 20 magical things
Any kind of thing. Icons, drabbles, gifs, tumblr graphics, podfic, vidlets, representational gingerbread people -- anything you want.

The challenge side of this is two-part.
+ First, you have to use the chart below as prompts for your ‘20 things’. You may interpret the prompts however you’d like. There are 10 themes, 5 categories and 5 maker's choice.
+ Second, you have to have your 20 things finished in 20 days. Post your creations directly to the community, or make a post with a link to your entry, by Wednesday, February 13th. A masterlist will be compiled shortly thereafter.

Please feel free to comment with questions. Also, feel free to spread the word. The more the merrier. :)

10 themes

Choose 10 of the following:
smoke & mirrors

5 categories

Choose 5 tropes from the following:
(you may select another magical trope if you wish, please link the trope in your entry. Tvtropes or fanlore or other similar site is fine)

Functional Magic
Magic that works. Maybe not exactly the way anyone wanted it to work, but it is not imaginary in the story and you may rely on it to do something. This style of phlebotinum is sometimes subject to magibabble, its own flavor of technobabble.

Magic from Technology
The science-fiction equivalent of magic. Magic does not derive from an actual mystical or spiritual source; rather, it is technology in disguise. The characters using this magic may or may not be aware of its true origins.

Magic Pants
Heroes who can change their size or shape generally don't have to worry about ruining their clothesin the process. They must have Magic Pants.

Magic Music
A type of Functional Magic that works via music: playing a certain song or a magical instrument that causes a spell-like effect to happen. This may have derived from the premise of there being legitimate power within the words one uses, which is somewhat akin to true name magic in this regard.

The Magic Goes Away
So the Big Bad is defeated, right? All things are going back to where they ought to be. Order is taking over again. But there is no room in this new world order for magic. Perhaps magic has finished its work in the world, maybe the Big Bad was tied to the source of all magic, or maybe it was sealed away, but all traces of magic are now gone, or at least disappearing fast. The Time of Myths is no more.

Magic Librarian
Books and libraries in fiction can be mystical things; keepers of information, certainly, of secrets and sometimes of magic, as well. It's natural, therefore, that some authors like to spread some of that magic onto the librarian, too—when they aren't making them hot or scary, that is. A magic librarian will very often have the ability to send readers (or people who either don't read or disparage books, to teach 'em a lesson) into the world within the books, and sometimes, pity those who don't return their books to the library before the due date.

Magic Mirror
A common household device, sometimes employed as a symbol of vanity, but with much deeper roots: combining the reflective and symbolic properties of flat, still water and the portability and delicacy of glass, mirrors show a character their reflections, and often much, much more...

Magical Society
An order, club, alliance, union, or other organisation comprised of people who can do magic. Names vary: it may be called the Mages' Guild, the Circle of Mages, the Conclave of Sorcerors, the Arcane Brotherhood, or whatever. A given setting may have one magical society, several, or none. Historical esoteric societies of any variety are often portrayed as these in Historical Fantasy or Urban Fantasy fiction.

5 maker’s choice

Anything goes. Go be magical.
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I'm in, I have podficcing to do!