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Magical 20in20

10 Supernatural 1-sentence fics
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10 sentences about Charlie Bradbury (SPN)

Charm: She got the job at Richard Roman Enterprises the way she got most of her jobs; charm, wit, an anonymous style name and a mildly fictitious resume.

Mojo: She back-traced the IP address and pinged it off a dozen international servers before routing the chat software for her guild onto her new work laptop.

Hypnotic: Cracking the code on Frank's hard drive had been the easy part, sifting through the data - the incredible and unbelievable data - had been mesmerizing.

Illusion: Safe and normal isn't real and just because most of the rest of the world doesn't believe in the boogie man doesn't mean it's not hiding out in your closet ready to attack you while you sleep.

Magician: Between defeating Leviathans in Illinois and rescuing beautiful fairy maidens in Michigan, Charlie spent some time touring with a magic show as a way to stay under everyone's radar.

Realm: It'd taken her very little time to rise to the top, despite the longevity of the LARP group the realm was obviously desperate for a queen.

Surreal: Looking up to adoring crowds after defeating her opponent on the field, the last thing she'd expected to see were monster-hunting brothers in suits.

Fairies: She didn't care what Sam and Dean said about different kinds and about being careful, Charlie wanted to see her again without being so rudely interrupted this time.

Dragons: She was proof that heroines in story books weren't the only ones who could slay dragons.

Ritual: Charlie's was a bit dismayed by Dean's 'Braveheart' speech, but after the victorious result she decreed it a law and they've used the speech a dozen times since.

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