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Magical 20in20

* 5 gifs (The Mentalist, Flashpoint, The Collector, Justified, Fringe)
* 5 drabbles (The Mentalist, Flashpoint, The Collector, Justified, Fringe)
* 5 short ficlets (Supernatural/The Mentalist, Supernatural/Flashpoint, Supernatural/The Collector, Supernatural/Justified, Supernatural/Fringe)
* 5 icons (Buffy, Being Human, Forever Knight, Supernatural, True Blood)


The Collector


It sometimes amazes Maya how captivating Morgan can be. Not always in a good way--he’s frustrating and secretive as often as he’s helpful and kind--but when he’s in the room, she can’t look away. She’s seen others react the same way, drawn in by that charisma, and she wonders how he does a job that seems to require him to remain in the background most of the time.

Sometimes she resents knowing there’s no way to disengage.

Sometimes she just wishes she could captivate him back.

Sometimes she catches him looking at her, and thinks maybe she does.



Smoke and Mirrors
A large chunk of Spike’s job is smoke and mirrors, and not just because he’s usually the one in charge of the literal smokescreens. The appearance of overwhelming force--coming in so fast people don’t have time to evaluate what they’re up against--is an important tool for the SRU, but Spike’s role goes beyond that. His job, when he does it right, is to make them seem omnipotent. Invincible. Spike is the one who gets them past cameras and red lights. He’s the one who discovers all of the subjects’ secrets. He’s the one who gets everyone home safely.



Olivia listens to Lincoln’s objections to Fringe Division’s policies—objections she’s made herself, in the privacy of her own head—and wonders how to explain to him the reasoning behind it. The importance of upholding the illusion, of letting people believe that the world they live in is predictable and safe. Of not revealing just how uncertain things are, or how close they came to complete destruction.

The other Astrid thinks that knowledge could undo what they accomplished. Start another war. She’s very convincing. Nonetheless, looking at the long row of bodies, Olivia does have to wonder about the cost.



(The rest of the scene)

Tim watches Raylan walk up that hill into God knows where and wonders again what the hell he’s going out here. Okay, yes, watching a cop killer walk would sting, but this is way outside his job description and he has a pretty good idea what Art would say about it. And yet here he is, once again walking that line because Raylan Givens asked him too.

He worries a little about what that says about him. He worries more when he realizes he’s hoping Raylan appreciates it.

It’s oddly warming when Raylan thanks him.

Tim curses him and waits.

The Mentalist


Some people have baggage. Scars. Secrets. Patrick Jane has dragons. Dark, winged shadows hovering over his shoulder, visible only from the corner of your eye, and only if you know what you’re looking for.

Lisbon knows. Lisbon has always known about the dragons. She caught the flash of their claws the first time she met Jane. Later she realizes he let her see, knew that it would provoke her protective instincts. Knew she would help him once she saw his suffering.

Later still, she wonders if it’s also his way of maintaining distance. So close and no closer.

It works.


Magic from Technology (Supernatural/The Mentalist)

"It's not really mind reading, you know," Sam said quietly as Jane continued to captivate the audience. "He's just cold reading them."

Magic Pants (Supernatural/Flashpoint)

"Damn," Dean said as he watched Team One emerge from the smoking wreckage. "A witch, a ghost, and a bomb, and their pants still look good." He looked down at the sad remnants of his favourite jacket and then over at Sam, who was equally bedraggled. "Think they'd give us a couple of pairs?"

Magic Librarian (Supernatural/The Collector)

"You must have a serious library to have that level of information," Bobby said. "Wouldn't mind taking a look at it some day."

Morgan shook his head. "No library. I just get around a lot."

Magical Society (Supernatural/Justified)

"Great," Dean said. "So you're saying all we have to do find this magic society in a place where absolutely no one talks to strangers about anything, let alone anything secret, all while avoiding a whole team of U.S. Marshals."

"Pretty much," Sam agreed.

"Well this is going to be fun."

Magic Mirror (Supernatural/Fringe)

"That was one hell of a spell," Dean said, pulling himself off the ground.

"It wasn't a spell," Sam said. "It was a magic mirror."

"What's the difference?"

"A mirror is an object."

"An object that's had a spell cast on it," Dean said. He glanced outside, and his eyes widened. He turned back to Sam, pointing up at the dirigible floating peacefully in the distance. "Sam. Where the hell are we?"


Five Vampires