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Prompt Tables - The Rebirth (#5)

So, after over a year long hiatus, prompt tables are back! Leaving my job has left me with more free time (too much!) and so what better way to get back into things with prompt tables?

Prompt Table - October
ExposureReflectionFREE PROMPTPsychedelicPaws
Black and WhiteVehiclesRetroBondTechnology

To put on your journal

You can make anything for these prompts! Graphics including icons, picspams, minispams, wallpapers, banners, headers, gifs, drawings, and comics are all ok! So are fan mixes, mini-mixes, vids, gifs, fic, drabbles, poetry, meta, cooking projects, craft projects, photography, and anything else you can dream up.

Rules and Explanation of prompt tables.

Please post links to your completed prompt bingo lines here, so we can applaud your awesome.


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